2 Hrs

Factory Visit &
Block Printing Experience Resist


Bagru HastKala Printers Mahadev Nagar, Tongariya Farm House Bagru-303007, Rajasthan, India

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2 Hrs

10 AM to 5 PM


INR 500

An incredible learning experience

Rajasthan is the home of hand block printing, an art form that borrows deeply from the state’s distinctive, vibrant, and rooted traditions. Through our workshop, we aim to provide you with a glimpse of how we create from natural colours and patterns that have found ready takers across the world.
Our one-day workshop will help you learn the technique of block printing by working closely alongside skilled artisans. You will get to experience the fascinating journey from start to finish and how various motifs fuse together to make a cohesive design.

During the workshop, you will get to learn:

  • How vegetable dyes work
  • How to do block printing using natural dyes
  • How to make colours fast naturally
  • Chance to see several plants and bushes that we use for printing and dyeing

What to expect

The programme leader will give you a field visit of the entire factory and explain about the different types of natural dyes that we use for printing. He will give you a brief on natural dye printing, and cover several topics such as how its done and the plants that are used in it.
He will show you various samples of hand-block printed textiles to help you better understand the minute differences between the many types. Next you will be taken through the entire block printing process. Each step will be demonstrated in detail before you get down to doing it yourself.

You may select wooden blocks from our collection and get to print a cotton scarf (provided in the programme kit) under the supervision of a senior craftsperson.

If time permits you can print more items such as scarves, stoles, cushion covers, bags, table covers, aprons or t-shirts at additional cost.

Post-printing process

You will be taken through the entire post-printing process which includes various important stages such as boiling, dyeing, colour fixing, and washing.

At the end of the workshop, you can take the finished stole that you created as a happy token of time well spent with a homegrown business that believes in responsible, mindful fashion.

Programme Cost includes

  • 1 cotton stole (1.80 mtrs)
  • Consumables and services: natural dyes, printing and other materials that you will need during the pre and post-printing process
  • Wooden blocks for printing
  • Tea, bottled water and biscuits


You can order a vegetarian meal at an additional cost. Consumption of meat, eggs, and alcohol is not allowed in the precinct.


  • Bus
    You can get a bus Low-floor Bus No. 26 near Chandpole Metro Station ( First Stop ) to Bagru’s Takiya bus stand ( Last Stop ).

It will cost you about INR 100 (USD 1.5) to and fro. Contact us once you reach the bus stop in Bagru. We will arrange a pickup for you via motorcycle.

You can get the return bus from Takiya bus stop to Jaipur.

  • Taxi
    You can also book a taxi from Jaipur to Bagru. We suggest that you book a cab for an entire day as it is to difficult to get one in Bagru for return to Jaipur.
  • Car Pool
    When you register for one/two day workshops, you’ll get the option to carpool with us. Just select it when you fill the form and we will accommodate you - Subject to availability.